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~My Knight, My Rogue~ (Second Place winner - Golden Pen Award, 2004)
Nineteen-year-old Megan Ramsey, a dutiful daughter to Lord and Lady Saxton, tries to abide by her parents' unorthodox way of finding her a husband. Trapping a duke into marriage appalls her, but she follows her mother's plan precisely. The plan fails when she finds herself in a compromising position with the duke's rival, Edmond Knight, instead of the duke.
Edmond Knight, wealthy by the sweat of his brow, plans to take full advantage of Megan's responsive body, even while he wonders what she and her cheating father want from him. Her father already stole the deed to his goldmine and now the daughter appears to desire something from Edmond as well. The strong attraction between him and Megan is distracting, but he remains true to his goal of getting back his treasure.
~Pretend I'm Yours~
Charissa Maxwell is running out of time. Her identical twin sister, Catherine, is wasting away in a hospital due to periodic dementia...  unresolved melancholy - no thanks to her sister's overbearing husband. Charissa promises her sister she'll find the money to pay for the best physician in England. But with low funds, how can she accomplish such a feat? There is only one solution. She has to travel to Philadelphia and convince Cat's prudent husband that it's his responsibility to pay for her twin sister. She decides to play out her sister's role long enough to collect money from William to pay for Cat's hospital care.
William is ready to wring his wife's neck for leaving him and his two children without a word. He paid good money for his mail-order bride, and his children desperately need a mother. Although he'd been tricked because Cat wasn't the innocent pure bride he expected, he still can't send her back to England. Not when she knows his secret and can destroy him. Freedom and Liberty are what he seeks, along with other citizens who are tired of Britian's rule, but if Cat turns him in, he'll be hung for treason and his poor helpless children will be left in her uncaring clutches. He'll put up with her spending his money and her secret dalliances because it makes her happy, but once justice prevails, he'll seek a divorce!
Surprisingly, the wife William has known for only twenty-four months has changed. Since her return from England, she acts like a whole different person. Gone is the arrogant, selfish harlot he married, and in its place, a caring, loving, and very desirable woman - one he is afraid to have feelings for. But watching her care for his son and daughter like she's never done before softens his heart - especially when she looks upon him with her passionate gray eyes. He would have to be crazy, but he suddenly feels the urge to allow her into his bed.
~All or Nothing~
Kendra Wakefield is out to prove to her great uncle, Allan Pinkerton, that women can make great detectives. The Pinkerton Detective Agency is well-known for their intelligent agents, and Kendra is determined to get out of the office and into the field. In doing this, she must find the Spanish Count imposter that the other agents have not been able to find. With any luck, she'll get her man and prove her worth to Allan Pinkerton.
Her investigation leads her to the opera. The main actor's singing voice has her spellbound, but his incredibly good looks and charm leaves her feeling weak and helpless. His stage name is Anton, but she suspects he is really Antonio Carerra, the imposter she's searching for. After his final performance at the opera, Anton invites her to a party, and she realizes that he's seducing her. From there, she falls into his hold, unable to tear herself away from the man her heart refuses to trust - yet her body turst his touch completely.
Anton knows his own power-hungry uncle is out to kill him for the inheritance, which explains why people are following Anton and Kendra and throwing life-threatening obstacles their way. He shouldn't have strung Kendra along in this dangerous game, but he can't bear to depart from her company. Something about her intrigues and excites him, making him think about doing nothing else but finishing his seduction. The game his uncle has started must come to an end, and the only way Anton can bring this to a close is to sail halfway across the sea back to Spain - and take Kendra with him.