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~10 Ways to Melt a Man's Heart~

When love and friends combine, the outcome can be humorous...and disastrous.


Whoever said the quest for love isn't comical, never met Charlene Randall, research producer for Channel Nine News. Her search to find Mr. Wonderful leads her to the last place she ever expected - the arms of her neighbor and friend, Damian.

Charley has actively campaigned for that elusive perfect man. End result; she has enough material for a new bestseller "Dating for Dummies". She's all but given up when she meets the new man in the office, hunky sports anchorman, Max Harrington. Embarrassed about being the office joke because she can't keep a man longer than two weeks, she's determined to show her co-workers she's not only capable of getting the office hunk, but keeping him. She's always been shy, and accidents follow her like dogs to fire engines, and she realizes she needs help in obtaining her goal. Its not until she finds an intriguing Internet article, "10 Ways to Melt a Man's Heart" that her chest tightens with excitement. This may just be the key to making her relationship last. Despite following the article's instructions, instead of melting Max's heart, she makes him sick. She sends him chocolate; he's allergic. She orders him a plant; the store sends a poisonous version by mistake. She tries to talk to him; she passes out at his feet from nerves - or was it due to the fact she was too nervous to eat that day? She finally admits she'd  have better luck giving a mountain lion a haircut than melting Max's heart.

Damian Giovanni (alias Italian Spice) to the rescue. She discovers Max and Damian were college friends, so she convinces him to help her win Maxs heart. During their time together, she sees things in Damian shes never seen before. When had his smile made her stomach flutter? When had he looked at her with such longing it made her knees buckle? And when had he become so damn good looking? Yet, he was a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy, wasnt he? Since they first met, shed assumed Damian was a player - the kind of man that wasn't ready for a relationship.

Or was he?

Fed up with money-grabbing, man-hungry women like his ex-wife, Damian bends the truth a little when he thinks Charley is one of these women. He leads Charley to believe he works for a production company making womens products, instead he's the wealthy owner of GIO products for women. He also leads her to believe he'll never marry. When he agrees to help her win the heart of his college friend, old competitive feelings stir inside him. Jealousy hits him head-on like a locomotive without a driver, and he discovers he doesn't want Max to have Charley. Damian has grown close to the woman next door who is nothing like his ex-wife. He's in love and needs to win Charley. Yet, will Max think he's doing this out of revenge? After all, Max was the one who'd stolen his wife five years ago.

The pathway to love is never easy. This road leads to chaos!

~Woman Seeking Man~
When Doctor Jordan Reed finds out her ex-boyfriend is coming to town with her stepmother, she panics.  There is no way she wants Kenneth Kramer to know she hasn't had a sex life since he left two years ago to marry her stepmother, and Jordan will do anything to keep her nonexistent sex life hidden which is the very reason she puts an advertisement in the newspaper. Woman seeking man for business relationship only. If she can pay someone to portray the new man in her life, she'll do it.  Since Jordan's profession as a psychiatrist comes first, she doesn't have time for the dating scene, but her hopes drop when her ad doesn't get the response she's looking for.  The applicant has to be charming, and definitely a good actor in order to fool Serena and Kenneth into believing Jordan is happy.  Unfortunately, nobody fits those qualifications.
Brock Hamill wants Dr. Reed put out of business, and he'll disguise himself as her pathetic patient just to gather the dirt on her. His sister deserved a better doctor a year ago, and because of his sister's suicide, he blames Dr. Reed's unorthodox practices. One way or another, he's determined to get Jordan's license revoked. But during their first session, he discovers trouble when lust takes over his body every time he brushes against her. Even looking at her lips, her slender throat and her grandmother's style hair turns him on! The lady is a seductress. There's no other explanation. But he has to continue with the sessions and revenge his sister's death. When he realizes she won't relent to his sexual teasing as her patient, he takes on his true form and becomes the man of her fantasizes. She doesn't know he's the pathetic patient, so she lets his Rocky character seduce her.




Kenya Whitaker is an independent business woman competing against all of the top fashion designers in New York.  She's settled in her busy world, and now that she's engaged to a powerful man who's CEO of a chain of large department stores, what could be better?  Yet doubts of their upcoming marriage begin to overwhelm her. And it only gets worse when she meets the very sexy and very strange, Eli, who tells her the most outrageous story she's ever heard.

Eli proclaims that he's from the future, and only she can help from keeping his world turning toward disaster.  His purpose in coming is to stop Kenya's wedding to Terrel Montgomery.  Eli tells her Kenya's and Terrel's soon-to-be son, Bart, will set out to destroy the world - which is why Eli has to stop it!  Eli also says he is the son of Joshua Montgomery, the real president of the chain of department stores - the true legitimate son of the original president, Adam Montgomery.  Eli goes on to explain that Terrel and Joshua's stepmother had Joshua committed to a mental hospital just after the death of Adam.  Eli needs Kenya's help to undo the mistake that was made and to put Joshua back in the president's seat where he rightfully belongs.

The problem is, Kenya has a hard time believing what Eli has been telling her, even when he shows her the gadget he says transport him back and forth through time. But Eli sparked Kenya's interest, and she has to ask around. Although she believes her fiance, Terrel, over the strange sexy future-man, there are things happening that she just can't forget about. Things that are making Eli's story true, after all.




Katelyn Palmer is a hopeless romantic.  Although her five romance books have made it to the best seller's list, she still feels her life is empty.  She needs a man - yet unfortunately, the man who has accidentally entered her world is not the man she wants.  He is, however, the man she has fashioned the heros in her romance books around.  Shane Hunter, a self-employed man who makes body-building his hobby, is everything her fans are looking for.  Too bad he isn't as ethical in real life.  All she really knows about him is what his ex sister-in-law has told her, but since Katelyn is a writer, she writes him into a better character for her books, and makes him as charming as most of her readers want.

Shane is at wit's end trying to battle with his ex-wife over custody of his two adorable, four-year-old twins, but his ex thinks she has an ace card up her sleeve.  She says she has proof of his infidelity while they were married, then she tosses him a copy of a romance novel.  The half naked man on the front cover looks exactly like him, so he reads and discovers his life is also in this book!  By coincidence, he runs into the romance writer at a coffee shop.  She acts innocent when he asks her about how she knows him, but he can see past her fake smile and pasty colored face.  She's hiding something, he can tell, so he plans a way to break through the ice.  He'll become her friend, make her trust him, then he'll find out how she knows him and why she writes about his life.  The problem is. . . he doesn't plan on having sexual feelings for her.  He also doesn't plan on watching his children fall in love with her.